Benoît Hervier

I'm a developer located near Paris, France.
Python Fan, GNU/Linux addict, using Python / JS / C++.

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ForRunners is a personnal tracking app for your running sessions which respects your privacy.

ForRunners uses the GPS of your phone to track your run. During a run, speech synthesis can announce distance, speed, and heart rate. After your run, you can see various information to help you improve your next run with elegant graphics and statistics. ForRunners can also connect to a Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor if you have one. ForRunners can also help you if you want to do interval running, by announcing transitions via speech synthesis.

Soon on Apple Store and iOS

Respect your privacy

  • Does not share any information with any third party server
  • Uses OpenStreetMap
  • Does not retain your data, you can export your run to GPXs files

Use low ressources

  • Uses white text on black screen when running, less power used on Amoled screens
  • Does not require network connection while running

Nice Statistics and charts

  • See your runs on a map
  • Your best runs are registered by length of your run
  • Displays charts with speed/altitude, altitude/hearthrate, and hearthrate zone

Modern look and feel

  • Uses Material Design
  • Easy to use