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My life in plain text

For a long time i used Orgmode file to take notes, todos, and sometime agenda events. While i like a lot the Orgzly app on Android, i wasn't happy with the sync, and worse, without a specific tool the OrgMode format is quite unusable due to his complexity.

So i tryed many, many tools with Markdown support, but all seems missing somethi for my use:


My requirements are quite simple, so i opted for a simple files structure, and templates :

todo.txt (todotxt format)
done.txt (todotxt format)
agenda.txt (agendatxt format)
quicknote.txt (markdown)
expenses.txt (expensetxt format)

Todotxt format

Todo.txt: Future-proof task tracking in a file you control

Agendatxt format

I ve created a agendatxt format similar to todotxt. Each line is an event, three format are accepted :

YYYY-mm-dd event for all day
YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM event at hour:minute
YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM HH:MM event with a start and a end

Expensetxt format

I ve created an expensetxt format similar to todotxt. Each line is an expense :

YYYY-mm-dd 000.00 short description

Markdown format

Markdown — Wikipédia

On desktop

As a dev i use a lot vim, and terminals, i take notes with vim and use some aliases on zsh to quick add a todo or a journal entry.

On mobile

This is more complex, as i need to visualize quickly events and todos, but also takes notes. So i write my own app. It s not finished yet, and look likes more a Proof of Concept than a finished app, many features are still missing, but i use it daily.


MOrg Screenshot


And if you want to join me on this journey, you are more than welcomed, as it s distributed under MIT Licence.

MOrg on GitHub